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Sir David Attenborough | A message to world leaders
WWF International

Watch Sir David Attenborough’s message to World Leaders at WWF’s Leaders for Nature and People event, at the UN Climate Action Summit, part of the 74th UN General Assembly.

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Accelerated Literacy Through Podcasts
Crowd Funding Project

Hothouse Theatre are launching their Crowd Funding bid to raise funds to pilot the Accelerated Literacy Project!

The project will use the creation of podcasts, audio reports and radio plays to help young people make up for lost school hours due to Covid-19.

The Crowd Funder bid goes live noon on the 19th Oct!


Diy Poets have a new youtube channel
DIY Poets

Nottingham Poetry Collective, Their channel is now live at -

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Poetry Pamphlet Prize
Paper Swans Press

Thank you to everybody who submitted their manuscript to this year’s Poetry Pamphlet Prize. We received the most entries we’ve ever had, and, each year, the standard of submissions seems to get stronger and stronger.

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‘Beyond the Spectrum’ Writers in Residence – Adult
Writing East Midlands

This role is expected to begin in mid-November 2020 and continue until the end of January 2021. We are recruiting a Writer in Residence to work with adults across Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire, although all work will be delivered digitally via Zoom.

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Call out For Writers

Nonsuch Studios

A digital series of new writing - working with emerging and establishing writers to commission new short stories, poems and ramblings inspired by nature. Nonsuch Studios is looking to commission three poems, monologues or short p

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Morecambe Fringe Festival
Fringe Now TV


We’re looking for content for a new Fringe Digital TV channel launching this month. It will sit across 19 platforms including APPLE+, Amazon and Roku. Born out of the covid disaster’s impact on the arts and specifically Fringe Festivals and performers, it’s a revenue share deal that comes at no cost to you.

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Places of Poetry

Mapping the Nation in Verse

Presenting the best poems from the nationwide Places of Poetry project, selected from over 7,500 entries

Poetry lives in the veins of Britain, its farms and moors, its motorways and waterways, highlands and beaches.

This anthology brings together time-honoured classics with some of the best new writing collected across the nation, from great monuments to forgotten byways.

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Me runningy mouth again...


Me runningy mouth again... Can't help it. This celebrity white saviourism is sickening & problematic af. STOP IT!! Thank you @nowhitesaviors for highlighting this bullshit. Here's my 2 pence...

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Looking for Female Filmakers of Colour

Smoking Bear Productions

Smoking Bear Productions is looking for female filmmakers of colour, with a focus on British-Asian and / or Muslim, to create very short films. It will likely be 30 seconds to a minute and used to discuss and explore discrimination, racism or mental health. It could be based on a personal experience, an issue that they would like to rethink in a visual story — or something else that fits the brief.

It would suit new and emerging filmmakers, especially those who are looking to step up or experiment with a new idea, but we are open to all levels if more experienced filmmakers would like to collaborate.

We can offer a small stipend, depending on the idea. Please email us at The deadline is 26th of October, 2020 and we will make the film in November 2020 for release in December 2020.


Class of 2020
Unlatched Podcast

Summer is usually the time for graduation ceremonies and celebrations. While it isn’t close to a replacement for a graduation ceremony, we want to celebrate the work of students who finished their degrees during the chaos and stress of a global pandemic, through our special Class of 2020 episode.

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Nottingham Playhouse Unlocked
Nottingham Playhouse

19th Oct - 9th Nov

We’re delighted to be ‘unlocking’ our doors for the first time since our closure in March, to host an exciting and eclectic festival of live and live-streamed shows. Whether you want to join us in person at Nottingham Playhouse, or watch from the comfort of your own home, there’s lots on offer for you to enjoy.

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Plaque for writer Dorothy Whipple unveiled
Bromely House

A blue plaque was unveiled on Saturday 26th September to remember the much-loved novelist, Dorothy Whipple, at the home in Mapperley Park where she did most of her writing.

Dorothy Whipple was born in 1893 in Blackburn but much of her life was spent in Nottingham. It was from the house on Ebers Road in Mapperley Park that her first published novel, Young Anne, was written. She also wrote from a rented cottage at Newstead; the Abbey there inspiring her novel, The Priory. By the time she left Ebers Road in 1939, six more novels had been published. She described those 13 years as the fullest of her life.

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Purveyors and lovers of short fiction, microfiction, and nanofiction, it’s time to heed the call! Every once in a while, you have to stand up for what’s right. I have an undying love for short fiction, but there’s a couple of terms that need to go away. In case you were unaware, there’s a common classification for short fiction based on word count.

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Bromley House Library youtube Channel
Bromley House

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Coping With Perfectionism
Impact Magazine

Perfectionism is characterised by a striving for perfection, an obsession with success and overly ambitious goal setting.

It can also develop into more widely recognised psychological disorders, such as OCD, and is often recognised as a bi-product of other clinical problems, such as anxiety, depression and eating-disorders.

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North Notts Writing Competition - Poetry Winners

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Literary Locations #75: Newstead Abbey
Unesco City of Literature

We are pleased to announce that Nottingham Poetry Festival will be launching from the 13 – 22 November 2020. This year, we’ll be delivering a blended festival, mixing a small number of live events with an online programme. We’re set to touch on the importance of poetic education, rebel against the notion that poetry is optional, and showcase the contemporary voices speaking now.

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Nottingham Poetry Festival
13th - 22nd Nov

We are pleased to announce that Nottingham Poetry Festival will be launching from the 13 – 22 November 2020. This year, we’ll be delivering a blended festival, mixing a small number of live events with an online programme. We’re set to touch on the importance of poetic education, rebel against the notion that poetry is optional, and showcase the contemporary voices speaking now.

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The Roger McGough poetry prize is a national poetry competition welcoming submissions inspired by this year’s theme of identity.

First prize is £150, second prize is £75, and third prize is £50.

Winning and shortlisted poems will be published in an anthology, with featured poets receiving a free copy. There will also be a winners’ ceremony in Spring 2021 (details to be confirmed).

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Hothouse Theatre’s online Magazine Oh My Nottz is coming out of hibernation!

Oh My Nottz uses the production of video, audio and written content to inspire young people from all backgrounds to become the best people they can be.

After 3 months in lockdown we are preparing to get young people involved in producing articles, radio plays and podcasts for publication once again.

Your donations will help!

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Leanne Moden

Get Over Yourself is a collection of poetry about belonging and exclusion. Using humour, spoken word and storytelling, Leanne Moden takes us through the familiar touchstones of experience - teenage rebellion, grief, sex, self-esteem and self-discovery - in collection of poems that mix the personal with the political.

“Leanne has a razor-sharp eye for details and a turn of phrase that will stay with you. These poems are joyous, uplifting and filled with lines that jump out and grab you by the heart.”
Jess Green

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Dance and art in the age of COVID
with Jamal Sterrett Phoenix

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a big impact on artist Jamal Sterrett Phoenix’s practice. This blog is the second in our #WINDOWONTHEWORLD series which offers a platform to artists who have taken a non-traditional route into the arts.

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Jumping Into A Waterfall
by Anna Percy

From the seclusion of the Scottish isles to the urban vigour of Manchester to the lowlands of East Anglia, Anna Percy observes an ever-changing world wherein change is sometimes imperceptible.

This passionate and enticing meditation of ecopoetry also explores modern feminism and its societal perception, whilst thematically embracing sensuality, mental health and wellbeing, love and loss.

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Submission Guide
Atrium Poetry

Atrium is a poetry webzine based in Worcestershire, UK.

We publish a new poem twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The word ‘atrium’ has two main links – to the heart, and to spacious central areas in buildings that are open and light. With this is mind, we want to publish poems that allow our readers to think, feel and see things in a new way.

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