Flotsam - debris not deliberately thrown overboard that is eventually washed up and deposited on the shore for the nosey wanderer to pick over and collect.

This is a collection of well written pieces that this nosey wanderer has scavenged from the high tide line of the internerd.

The Battersea Poltergeist
Ep2: Shirley


Danny meets the only surviving witness to the haunting – the real-life Shirley Hitchings. Back in 1956, objects appear to move of their own accord as Harold Chibbett investigates

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The Battersea Poltergeist
Ep1: 63 Wycliffe Road


63 Wycliffe Road is an ordinary house on a quiet South London street, but in 1956, it becomes famous as the site of an alleged poltergeist. The strange events focus around teenager Shirley Hitchings – but is it a haunting or hoax? Ghost hunter Harold Chibbett arrives to investigate.

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DIY Poets

Enjoy the latest zine (February 2021) from DIY Poets, a Nottingham based poetry collective, with a mission to bring poetry to the masses. We aim to make poetry accessible to readers, and give opportunities and encouragement to writers and performers.

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The Memoirs of a Reluctant Athlete

Part 1: The Fair Weather Runner
by Guy Jones

ong, long ago. When social distancing was what you did when your mate, who had had tripe for lunch, dropped a 'silent but deadly', in the crowded carriage of the 5:32 p.m. from Manchester Piccadilly.

In those days, when the world was a little younger, we did things together. In those days we had a social life and it wasn’t at all distanced. In those days, some of us ... though it seems strange to say to now ... some of us went running ... at organised events ... yes some of us ran races. And we did it of our own free will, though at times reluctantly, all over the country.

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PsychicBread - Snow! (1930's Peak District)

Mark Gwynne Jones

An extract from Snow! Chapter 2 of Voices From The Peak: https://markgwynnejones.com/voices-fr...​

Written and performed by PsychicBread:

Mark Gwynne Jones - words, vocals Nick the Hat - strings Anna Kerr - keys, vocals Rob Dimbleby - piano, bass Alex Ivanov - drums, percussion

Track produced by Mark Gwynne Jones and Paul Hopkinson

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Strangely Equally Spaced by Clare Stewart

DIY Poets

Clare Stewart has been a DIY Poet since 2010. She performed as part of the DIY Poetry Fix at the 2019 Edinburgh Festival. Clare hosts the writing workshop at Nottingham Women's Centre and is a regular on the poetry scene in the Midlands. Clare is also an artist and member of CoMA - Contemporary Music for All.

DIY Poets are showcasing individual poems from members, check back regularly for the latest poetic delight. DIY Poets, we're nice and we don't always rhyme. DIY Poets, we're nice, and we're sometimes online

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Unlatched 9: Reflections


Looking back at how the podcast has developed and evolved over the year, we revisit the musicians and writers featured on the podcast in 2020. We then speak to the composer of our wonderful theme music, Josh Kashdan of Kashdan Music. This episode also features poetry readings by Amy and Jess, and discussions of our creative work in 2020 and 2021.

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by Steve DuBois
Flash Fiction

Kobi hadn’t yet gotten out of bed, and was in fact just settling in in front of an Alf rerun, when the cockroaches arrived. They marched straight in under the curtain that separated his bedroom from the rest of the double-wide and up the leg of his pull-out bed in single file, then assembled by his feet in perfect ranks and rows. He closed his eyes in weary resignation. The boys are back, he thought, and they’ll want blood.

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Alone Together: 6
Alone Together

A Fortnightly Slow Radio Pod. Poems + Sound. Each Episode Themed. Episodes go live on Mondays.

A Poet Records their Poem via their Voice App, their Laptop, anything that has a microphone. ThinkWriteFly Plays with the Audio and a fresh pod comes out the following Monday.

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Gugehupf Lost
by Laura Grevel
DIY Poets

A spoken word performance that uses humour and word play to tell a new version of Adam and Eve's eviction from paradise. "Gugelhupf" is a Germanic word for "bundt cake. Laura is a member of Nottingham based DIY Poets and regularly performs at our quarterly showcase events.

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Cry No More
by Rhiannon Giddens

When I wrote "Cry No More" back in 2015 after a white supremacist committed mass murder at a South Carolina church, I had no idea that in 5 short years America would look like it does right now.

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