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Below is a short selection of books that might take your fancy.

The links will either to a local bookshop supplying the title, or to the independent publisher publishing it.

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Biography & Current Affairs

The Louder I Will Sing : A story of racism, riots and redemption
by Lee Lawrence


‘This is the story of arguably one of the most important, yet least known, events in modern British history. Lee’s journey and fight for justice are both inspiring and enraging’ AKALA

What would you do if the people you trusted to uphold the law committed a crime against you? Who would you turn to? And how long would you fight them for? On 28th September 1985, Lee Lawrence’s mother Cherry Groce was wrongly shot by police during a raid on her Brixton home. The bullet shattered her spine and she never walked again. Check it out

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Finding Comfort in Salt
by Sue Allen

 A small book with a huge impact. A collection of poetry which reflects on loss and finding comfort in salt.

Check it out email fudgiesue@ntlworld.com

We Are All Somebody: Street Child United Anthology
Compiled by Samantha Richards

 In May 2018, Samantha Richards was chosen for the Street Child World Cup in Moscow, representing team England, but found she wasn't prepared for the emotional side of the tournament. Captivated by the stories of the street-connected children from all around the world, Samantha started to put together their poems and drawings into a book, bringing together the voices of young people from across the world. Samantha knew this would be a book filled with hope and truth.

Here is that hope. Remember: We Are All Somebody.

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The Glamour Boys : The Secret Story of the Rebels who Fought for Britain to Defeat Hitler
by Chris Bryant

 We like to think we know the story of how Britain went to war with Germany in 1939, but there is one chapter that has never been told. In the early 1930s, a group of young, queer British MPs visited Berlin on a series of trips that would change the course of the Second World War. Having witnessed the Nazis’ brutality first-hand, these men were some of the first to warn Britain about Hitler, repeatedly speaking out against their government’s policy of appeasing him. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain hated them. Branding them ‘the glamour boys’ to insinuate something untoward about them, he had their phones tapped and threatened them with deselection and exposure. At a time when even the suggestion of homosexuality could land you in prison, the bravery these men were forced to show in their personal lives gave them extraordinary courage in public. Undaunted, they refused to be silenced and when war came, they enlisted. Four of them died in action. And without them, Britain would never have faced down the Nazis.

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A Century of Female Revolution : From Peterloo to Parliament
by Glynis Cooper

 The 100 years from 1819-1919 were the most remarkable in the history of womankind. In 1819 women had no rights, no status, no options, no votes. Females were denied higher and further education.

Job opportunities were menial and few. Legally, women were not even considered to be ‘persons’. By 1919 they had achieved full legal rights and status; the doors of education, equality and professions had been thrown open to them; they had proved that they could do any job a man could do; and most importantly they had achieved universal suffrage.

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The Mermaid of Black Conch : A Love Story
by Monique Roffey

April 1976: St Constance, a tiny Caribbean village on the island of Black Conch, at the start of the rainy season. A fisherman sings to himself in his pirogue, waiting for a catch – but attracts a sea-dweller he doesn’t expect.

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Maze of Fates: A Dominion City Blues Story
by Geronimo Bosch

Agnise would do anything for her lover, Dolores, including selling sexual favours in the sleazy underworld of Dominion City. They work together out of The Elite Lounge, where their employer, Silla, has become entangled in their romantic affairs.

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Star Blazer
by James Toogood

 Fueled by his fear and hatred for humankind, a Father relocates to a tropical island where he and his family can live out their lives in peace and purity. Once there, everything is perfect… …until he learns that he can never truly escape his species or more importantly himself. Read Now!

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A Patchwork Family
by Cathy Bramley

 Gina has been going with the flow for years – she’d rather have an easy life than face any conflict. She runs her childminding business from her cottage at the edge of The Evergreens, a charming Victorian house and home to three octogenarians who have far too much fun for their age.

But when The Evergreens is put up for sale, Gina and the other residents face losing their home. To protect her business and save her elderly friends from eviction, Gina must make a stand and fight for the first time in her life.

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The Wooden Box
by Guy Jones

 A Science Fiction love triangle.

Sam is getting married to Susan, who used to go out with Tracey who’s Grandmother, George, may or may not have invented a time machine.

Is Tracey a bona fide time traveller? Is she going mad? Or is it just the most bizarre and convoluted episode of flirting in history?

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Notts Bookshops and Independent Publishers
Five Leaves Bookshop
 One of the few independents to open in any UK city centre this century! Find us opposite Nottingham Tourism centre.

14A Long Row Nottingham

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The Bookcase
More than just a bookshop ...

Lowdham Nottinghamshire

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Big White Shed

Big White Shed opened its doors in 2015 to support the completion of projects by helping find those missing 'bits' needed for a successful outcome.

Initially an idea brought about by the frustration of finding a publisher for her novel, founder Anne Holloway decided to do it herself! Tired of waiting for someone to publish her book and spurred on by positive comments from those who had read it, and the success of other authors who had taken control for themselves, she decided to do the same and set up a small press.

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Fly On The Wall

 Fly on the Wall is a social enterprise company and a not for profit publisher, based in Manchester. We publish high quality anthologies on pressing issues, chapbooks and poetry products, from exceptional poets around the globe, with socially conscious themes.

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Bookwise comprises three charity bookshops in Hockley, Southwell & Newark, selling second hand books (many nearly new) in support of Music for Everyone.

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Rogue Animal
 Established in 2019, we’re an independent hosting site designed to give promotion to good quality indie authors. We’ve seen the level of frustration amongst self published authors of traditional novels and graphic novelists/comic artists. Authors that have dedicated long hours into their work, often finding little exposure or reward for their time. If you’re an author feeling that frustration, chances are Rogue Animal is the site for you. If we think your work is of a good standard, we’ll upload it to our site and promote it on social media. Each new story uploaded will be on the homepage for at least a week, so each has a chance to shine. click here
Ideas on Paper
We bring a thought provoking and collectible selection of magazines, journals, and books to Nottingham; independent titles on fashion, art, culture, design, business, economics, food, wine and travel, are complemented by a range of stationery, enabling you to get your ideas on paper.

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Black Pear Press
 BPP is a small press dedicated to promoting and selling books.

We publish quality books of fiction and poetry.

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Waterstones Nottingham
Waterstones Nottingham, situated in the heart of the East Midlands, is home to a wonderful selection of books and gifts sure to excite all book lovers.

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Flapjack Press
 Flapjack Press publishes poetry, poetry-theatre, plays and art collections for adults and children, and coordinates Word Central in association with Manchester Libraries

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Nottingham Books
A website dedicated to books about Nottinghamshire and those written by Nottinghamshire authors click here
Independent Publishing

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 CHEERIO launched in November 2020. Its first three short films will be released in 2021 and its publishing programme starts in spring 2022.

We aim to publish four to six books and commission up to four short films a year.

The books will be a mixture of non-fiction and fiction, aimed at the general reader and available in all good book shops. Some of our titles will be stocked by museums and galleries.

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Literary magazines

Pareidolia Literary
We’re a literary journal for pattern-finders.

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A creative arts journal that de/reconstructs the somatic and explores the anatomy of narrative.

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Odd Mag
We are a monthly visual-canvas for imagination, self-expression and authenticity. An all-inclusive literary, poetic and visually artistic platform.

The philosophy of Odd Magazine: unlearn. uplift. explore

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Beyond Words
We offer a warm and welcoming stage for emerging writers and visual artists. We consider works from all around the world, with only one condition: texts must be written in english. We encourage diverse voices from different cultures and backgrounds.

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Poerty Birmingham Literary Journal
If community is what poets seek, let it be one that’s critical and resilient, that encourages them to feel grateful rather than victimised by having work read and written about seriously (even if unfavourably), and that challenges rather than defends the state of the art as it stands.

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Marble Magazine
Please submit a maximum of 4 poems. Poems must be unpublished, original work in English. Enclose a brief biography, maximum 50 words. Send submissions as a word document to editor@marblepoetry.com.

There is no particular preference for themes or style, but note the following:

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Under the Radar magazine
Under the Radar is a place for readers and writers alike to make new discoveries...

Our flagship magazine is at the heart of operations here at Nine Arches Press. It is a lively mix of the best up-and-coming and established poets and writers, as well as reviews and articles.

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“A journal that puts high stock in quality literature with some meat on its bones that you can really chew”
— The Review Review

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Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher is an international arts journal, which offers contemporary readers a terrific mix of poetry, prose, artwork and reviews. Our contributors span the globe, making Dream Catcher a truly international magazine. Dream Catcher’s eclecticism is its strength. The range of literary styles is wide and what began as a magazine for student writers has become a discerning publication keen to attract new work from wherever it might emerge, aimed at readers wherever they might be.

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The Dawntreader
The Dawntreader is a quarterly 52 page perfect bound literary publicaton with an international readership which gives the opportunity to let the imagination run free.

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